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Any private health information (PHI) shared in this request form and any supporting clinical documents will remain private and will only be used for the purpose of coordination of ADA accommodations. PHI shared with Emory's Department of Accessibility Services will not be shared with the employee's department or human resources.

Include any diagnoses associated with the accommodation request that have been confirmed by a healthcare provider.
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Disclaimer: Any documentation submitted will only be viewed and securely stored by Emory's Department of Accessibility Services.
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If you are unable to upload supporting documentation to this form, please email it to dasemployee@emory.edu or fax it to 404-727-1126.
Do you currently have access to an online patient portal where you can access your health records?
If yes and you do not have other documention to submit with your request, please submit any health record that includes the diagnosis associated with the accommodations you are requesting. (i.e. screenshot, PDF of print out, etc)
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For workplace accommodation requests, please have your provider complete the Medical Inquiry Form.

For parking accommodation requests, please have your provider complete the Parking Medical Form.

If your provider is submitting a letter in lieu of a form, the documentation requirements can be found here